we are officially shut down now.

After more than 160 years, the St. Catharines Horticultural Society is now closed.  Down load the PDF in the lower right corner of the front page and find an alternative near you.

This website will disappear forever on March 11th 2020


T: 647-991-8743

@2019 St. Catharines Horticultural Society

Proudly Canadian


Not only are we the oldest club around, but we are also the biggest club around.  PLUS, we are known (famous even) for the quality of our speakers and the camaraderie of our members.


We meet 8 times a year formally -- on the third Monday of each month -- Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, and May.  And as many times as we can informally throughout the entire year.  We have potlucks and parties and walking tours and private events.  Oh, and we have a great meeting facility too!


Grace Mennonite Church, 677 Niagara St., St. Catharines, L2M 3R4.  We suggest you show up at around 6:30 or so. 


So, how much does it cost? 


If you are a non-member, it is $5.  Yes, five dollars. You see, most of our speakers come from out of town and their travel costs alone start at around $200.  So we charge all non-members a nominal fee to help offset some of that cost.


An annual membership to the Society is a mere $20.  NO that is not a misprint.  $20.  How can we possibly keep the price to 10% of what the room costs us for one night?  The answer lies with our incredible members.


During May and sometimes June, we have two fundraisers annually.  Our members make sure our fundraisers are successful.  And at our meetings, several members will take 20 minutes and make sure the meetings are run without a hitch.  Seriously.  That is how we do it.  With the generosity and elbow grease of our incredible members. 


Whether you come to listen to one of our speakers, come out to one of our fundraisers or workshops or decide to become a full-time member, we sincerely look forward to meeting you and welcoming you.